In February of 2005, I spent three weeks photographing Christo and Jeanne-Claude's The Gates installation in Central Park. While photographing the project, I explored the entire park from top to bottom for the first time. Quite by accident, I discovered the park's famous Red-tailed Hawk, Pale Male, eating a squirrel.

From then on, I was hooked on birding in the park. I quickly discovered the wide variety of birds that wintered in the park, followed in the spring by the waves of migrating species that use the park as a stop over while flying north. What I soon learned was that Central Park, which I had previously thought was home only to common birds (Pigeons, Starlings, Sparrows, Gulls, Ducks, Geese, etc.), hosts over 200 species of birds each year.

In less than a year, I've photographed 112 species and seen over 124. Who would have thought all this was within walking distance of my apartment?

Thanks to the many Central Park birders who helped this beginner, either in person or via the web. Their assistance and encouragement has been greatly appreciated.

Click on the link to the right to view my gallery of Central Park bird photographs. All the photographs were taken with a Canon 20D digital SLR and a Canon 100-400mm L zoom lens.